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The Final Countdown…

Yes it begins, the count down to Wrens flying away to Robin Class!  Where has it gone? Your little guys have been such good fun and we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. We will miss all the little characters next year but they are ready to move on and will get so much out of being a Robin.

We have had such a lovely week. The children are really enjoying learning about mini-beasts, their habitat and diet. This week we have been talking about healthy diets (mini-beasts are very healthy you know!). We have compared human and mini-beast diets and talked about the food groups carbohydrates, fats, proteins and sugars. The children know lots about how to be healthy and have loved playing and interactive food game where they make healthy food choices to fuel their bodies.

We have enjoyed Jack and the Beanstalk this week and next week we are growing cress in egg shells. If you have eggs at the weekend, could you send in any shells that would be good for packing with cotton wool to sow the seeds please?

The children have loved making cakes today. Ask them how we did it. They actually used the balance scales with an egg in one side. They had to make the scales balance with each of the ingredients and then mix it all together. We gave them very little help and actually, they were very independent and had great sharing and problem solving skills. If you are really brave, give your Wren a set of balance scales and let them make you a cake at home! If you do this, please send in a picture!

Because of the new GDPR rules, I am not able to blog pictures just yet but watch this space!

Invitations to the Graduation were sent home today!

Nearly there…

Hello Everyone,

We have had a super week with so much going on.

Jelly the Jester stole our eggs and will only give them back when we have finished writing our books (and we will do this next week). We have had a wedding and a party, we have done a number trail and a science experiment – What floats in my moat? No wonder the days just fly by!

Next week we are going to be working on securing and applying phase three sounds with lots of writing that I hope the children will find lots of fun. In maths we are to be practising counting back to subtract and doing some shape work.

Two very important things:

One is the Parent Gallery we would like to invite you to on Wednesday morning. This is where you will be able to have a look at the brilliant work your child has done this term and look through their books so that you are up to speed with where they are with there learning.

Two: I am thinking about a topic for next term, is there anything your child is particularly interested in that would make a great stimulus for learning? Please pop a note in the home/school diary if you have any ideas.

Here are some lovely photos of the wedding we had today. Have a lovely weekend.


We are cooking on gas!

Hello Everyone!

We have had a fantastic week! I am so proud of all of our little Wrens, their writing  this week has literally blown me away! Franklyn group have been writing instructions for making a bow and arrow. We have been talking about how we use “bossy” verbs to make the instructions clear and using numbers to help with sequencing. Perhaps at home, your Wren might like to write instructions for how to clean teeth correctly.

Mindcraft group have been practicing their “apply” skills to write a menu for our story character Jack, who went to a banquet. They were brave enough to have a go at writing foods such as: jacket potato, beans on toast, pizza, biscuits (bisgits) and knicerbockerglory (nicrbocrgloree). At this stage in the writing process, we celebrate children writing the sounds they can hear, even if it looks nothing like the way we would normally write…and we have become experts at deciphering!  See if you can encourage your Wren to write a menu for things they like to eat! They might like to make a disgusting menu! Worms on toast? Beetle Spaghetti? I am sure the children could come up with things that are even more disgusting! I wonder who could send in the most revolting menu? Next week, the children will be re-writing the story we made up about Jack the Knight and Jelly the Naughty Jester and making their very own book.

Maths has also been amazing! The children are really nailing counting on and back and saying one or two more/less than numbers within twenty. In taught sessions, we have been practicing doubling and halving, and Counting Crocodile group have been solving doubling and halving problems.  Next week we are looking at clocks and time as well as playing a doubling and halving game.

Have a lovely weekend Wren Class Families! Sorry there are no photos of this week, my computer is clearly having a bad day!



Wonderful Weltonbury!

Thank you all so, so, much for another fantastic maths morning. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and there was some really fabulous maths going on.  Seeing the children measuring, adding, recording, counting and generally using their maths skills everywhere, was heartwarming to see. I do hope you took away so ideas of how you can incorporate maths learning in every day situations at home and when you  are out and about with your Wren.  We really do appreciate you giving up your time to come in and a massive “Thank You” for helping us to tidy up.

Here are some photos of the morning but one more favour if you don’t mind.

Next week we are creating a “treasure chest” to put on the castle that the Wrens have to protect from knights who are going to try and steel it. If you have any suitable “treasure” that we could put in it, would you please send it in?  I have some old pewter goblets but really, it can be anything interesting that your child might consider precious. So maybe a toy or a teddy, picture frame – I suppose anything they would not want stolen by the naughty knights!

Thank you.


Wrens have rocked into Term 5!

Hello Everyone,

Wasn’t it nice to get back to a routine and normality? We missed our little guy and they have all come back with gusto and really embraced our “Castle” topic.

In maths this week we have been using the maths words “more” and “less” to compare numbers and estimate amounts. Ask your Wren to compare numbers such as 9 and 17. Can they say something along the lines of “9 is less than 17 and 17 is more than 9” Could they tell you how they know? Being able to explain that will really show how well they understand of the concept.

In Letters and Sounds, Mindcraft group are hammering away at learning set one of Phase Three sounds ch  sh  ee  ai, if your Wren is in this group, reading and writing those sounds as much as possible would be very helpful so that we can move on to set two when they are secure.

Franklin group are working on applying their skills to writing multi-syllable words like helicopter and crocodile. We have been clapping out syllables and writing them in small chunks to help build confidence with writing longer words.

Next week we are working on shape in maths so over the weekend, see if your Wren can name some 2D and 3D shapes to help them be able to name shapes next week (focus on cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere and rectangle, square, triangle, circle).

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the photos!

What is the Bunny like?

I can’t believe it is the end of term already! We have crammed in so much STEM learning as well as a trip to Somervale and some fun and games with the very naughty Easter Bunny.  The children wrote some great signs today as we were trying to entice him into some of the traps we had made. I have put some of the photos below for you to have a look at. My favourite one was from Alfie, it said “Come here little bunny”, which tickled me, but I have to say, lots of fantastic comments about the children’s writing from other adults in the school. Well done little Wrens, you got your eggs in the end!

I have sent home some holiday homework that I hope the Wrens will enjoy, they really have embraced subtraction and can use maths stories to work out totals. next term I will be setting up weekly addition and subtraction trails to really consolidate their skills. If you could keep the reading going and also remind the children of their target sounds from time time, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you also for sending in creations for the Invention Convention. Mr Williams, the CEO from the trust was very impressed with how creative the children were. He spent a long time judging the entrees and had a difficult job deciding on winners. The children also loved looking around at the convention and talking about the inventions. All of Wrens have enjoyed the topic and I hope they have been inspired to  see STEM as something that is fun and exciting to do and maybe even one day, have a job that is STEM related.

Next term our Topic will be Castles. There is lots of scope for the children to take this in any direction they choose but we will be building castles, making moats, designing some crowns and playing some old fashioned games.

Have a lovely holiday everyone. Thank you so much for all of your support and lovely home-learning. Have a safe and happy holiday!

Rocking in Term 4!

Hurray at last you will be relieved to see some photos! I am sorry they have taken a long time but the site took ages to update.

Anyway, we have had a smashing start to our term, the Wrens have come back full of beans but my goodness, I have been blown away by their work this week. They really have progressed in their learning skills and their listening and attention work is just lovely to see now. As a class, I really do feel that they understand their part to play in the learning process and are taking responsibility for looking, listening and joining in at learning times – I am a very proud teacher!

In maths this week, we have been using money to buy things in a shop. I do hope you enjoy your weekend challenge! It all stemmed from me trying to buy a sweet for Mr Audritt for 10p (that was all I had left after buying milk on my home from running club) and I just could not find anything. Whilst I frantically scanned the shelves and looked at prices, I suddenly thought it would be great for the Wrens to look at prices and assess if they have enough money to buy something! So there you have it! A shopping trip to find something for 10p. I wish you all the very best of luck! I wonder where you will search? A charity shop? Weighing fruit/veg in tesco?  A sweet shop? Have fun and please, please send me a picture if you can. I would love to know how your Wren got on and any comments/pictures will go in their learning journeys, and of course, get a magic moment from Mr Snell. I will be partaking in the challenge myself and will post on Twitter if I something!

Here are your long awaited photos – have a lovely weekend Wren Class Families!





Have a lovely holiday….

Have a lovely holiday Wren Class Families. Thank you all so much for your support this term. I have only given a little homework for holiday news at the beginning of next term. Please just keep going with reading and spend some time enjoying the company of your little poppets!

I do have some lovely pictures to share but I am still waiting for the site to be updated.


Only five more get-ups!

Where has this term gone? Oh my goodness hasn’t it flown by!

We have had such a great week, the children have really loved learning all about space and the planets and the rotation of the earth around the sun. I have been so impressed by their eagerness to learn about the world and how things work. So much great learning has come from the children’s own fascinations – that is why Early Years is just the best to teach!

In our Letters and Sounds work, we have been working hard on our application skills with Bike and Read. When you hear your child read this weekend, it would be really helpful for me to hear your thoughts on their progress in reading by leaving me a little note in the home/school diary. I think they have all come on leaps and bounds!

In maths next week we are going to be having a number trail and practice our counting on skills as well as beginning some work on money. Give your Wren the heads-up by letting them explore your money container!

I am sorry I can’t post any pictures this week – Mr Snell needs to buy me more space so I will upload them for on Monday or Tuesday next week.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Phew! Where did that week go?

Hello everyone,

This week has just flown by! We have done so many great things: We made up our story about Plop, we have have been doing lots of Bike and Read, we have written our Bat Fact Sheet, we have been junk modelling, we have learnt about people who work at night and we have made repeating pattern videos which Mr. Snell will judge on Monday. The winning video will be shown in assembly and the winning Wrens will get a prize from my prize box.

Next week we are going back to addition to take our next step which will be learning to count on from the first number. In our Letters and Sounds, the class have been split into two groups. “Franklin” group are learning Phase Three sounds and “Mind craft” Group are consolidation Phase Two sounds and practice “applying” their skills to reading and writing CVC words (cat, mat, vet, etc).

In our topic work, we are going to be learning about the planets and how the earth moves around the sun. This was one of the things the things the children wanted to know about – I had to do a bit of studying myself to get this right (Mrs Rogers, I know you will read this so perhaps you might want to refresh your memory on how this works also!).

If you have any more junk modelling, please send it in on Monday for our tray, the Wrens are really loving exploring joining.

Enjoy some  photos from this week!