Only five more get-ups!

This has been such a lovely time to spend with our little Wrens. Reading Christmas stories, singing Christmas songs and rhymes, they are going to be so excited by the time they finish next week.

We¬† have still been doing lots of learning thought and will continue to do so right up until next Wednesday. We have been doing lots of writing and really encouraging the Wrens to just “have a go” and writing and to write the sounds they can hear. We don’t really mind at this stage if it is just two or three sounds, we just want them to pick up a pen and have a go!

In maths we have been adding one and two more to numbers. Ask your Wren some questions so they can show you how great they are at it. Today we did it with bananas and some of the children started to count on two fingers to get the answer.

Next week we will continue with number writing and adding and learning lots more about Christmas.

Have a lovely weekend and I have to say, I am so proud to be the teacher of Wren Class, they are an amazing group of children who make my heart smile everyday.


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