We are cooking on gas!

Hello Everyone,

The end of another great week with lots of lovely learning. We have learnt lots about Road Safetly, I have sent home another home learning sheet so you can let me know the brilliant things your Wren shares with you about being safe on the roads. Thank you so much for taking the time complete them, I love to read the things they say and do. It really gives a great insight into how they are making links and connections with home and school learning.

In maths this week we have been adding using the part/part/whole model. We will continue this next week and I will be making an addition trail to see how the children use their skills independently.  We have also been counting sets of objects and comparing numbers using the language more/less/fewer. A really good game you could play at home is to sort dominoes into two groups of more than six and less than six. It will give you a really good idea of how much your child understands about number and place value.

We have finished teaching Phase Two phonics – YAY! Now we are going to work on “apply” skills and get as many children reading and writing words as we can on the lead up to Christmas. We will move onto Phase Three in term three.

We will be reading and changing books on Monday so please make sure you send in all books.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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