What a way to end the week!

Oh my goodness, I was so incredibly proud of our Wrens today – they were A-MAZ-ING! They all listened brilliantly even though they were so excited, they were great buddies to each other and they really enjoyed the film, sitting beautifully for the whole film. It was a real pleasure to take them and I wish we could do it more often. I think they all loved the coach the best though and funnily enough, were very excited to see Radco from the coach window.

This week has flown by, it feels like we have a microwave classroom where we get a whole week in two days (that’s how it feels for me anyway). We have been adding this week in maths by using cubes to represent numbers. We have been talking about adding two parts of a number together to get a whole number and the model is called “part/part/whole”¬† It uses circles to represent the calculation and helps the children¬† understand how number are made up.¬† It is a slightly different model to the example of adding I showed at the information session but is still uses the concrete, pictorial, abstract ethos. It will give the children a real secure understanding of how to manipulate number and ensure they have a deep understanding of place value and the “oneness” of number. It is slightly different due to a new planning tool we are using called “White Rose”. We have found it very interesting this week and we will keep you informed of how the Wrens are doing with addition. I did send home some resources at the information sessions and I will be sending our the same resources to everyone on Monday (so you will get an extra set if you came along to a session – how lucky is that!).

In Letters and Sounds learning, I will be finishing teaching phase two sounds next week. Please, please keep going with target sounds learning at home. After next week, we will spent time applying our phonics learning by focusing on reading and writing skills before moving on to Phase Three sounds. I to aim to get most children on short ladder sounds before Christmas so that they have a large bank of sounds to work with to help with blending and segmenting skills.

In topic work we have been mixing potions in a science based activity and although this has taken quite a long time, the children have loved it and the language they have been using has been very adventurous. We have been using words like: dissolving, granules, powders, transparent, liquids and effervescent! Wrens can use such exciting words. If you hear any of these at home, please let me know!

Ok enough reading, here are your photos!

No, here’s some more: next week we are talking about different emotions and painting poppy pictures with fingers so we can reflect on what we learnt about Remembrance and also continuing with Diwali – so much learning to be done!

Now photos!


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