Great to be back!

Hello everyone,

My goodness we have a fabulous first week back and crammed in lots of brilliant learning. In maths, as well as focusing on our individual number targets, we practiced using the language of comparison to talk about the different sizes of lots of objects. At this age, the temptation for children is just to use “big” and “small”  but there is a whole host of other language to use that is much more complex. It is this we have been practicing! I sent home a little sheet for you to fill in so that you could let me know if you Wren starts to explore these words and I do hope you begin to hear them say “longer, longest, tallest, shortest” etc.

In Letters and Sounds, we have had lots of children this week who have achieved their curly c target and are now working on long ladder sounds. It is really important to keep going at home with practicing target sounds so that we can begin to work on reading and writing skills alongside the phase two sounds.

Next week we have a number focus in maths. The children will be reading and ordering numbers as well relating numerals to sets of objects. We have a very exciting maths week set up and lots of the play opportunities we provide next week will be focused around maths based games.  On Wednesday evening at 5.30 I will be doing a maths based information session for parents. It will outline where the children will need to be with maths learning by the end of the year. I will be talking you through the way we teach maths and give you ideas of games you can play at home to help you Wren improve their skills.

We had a great PE lesson last Monday and I have to say that the children did very well with getting changed. We are going to be working core stability and balance and will introducing the class to using apparatus tomorrow. They will love it!  At home. please continue to encourage your child to get themselves dressed as this really does help their independent skills.

One final thing  before your photos… We have had lots of clothing in class this week that does not have names on, so we have started writing names in with Biro (either on a tag or hem). If you would rather we didn’t do this to your child’s clothes, please put a note in the home school diary.

I do hope you enjoyed your firework celebrations and I look forward to seeing you all safe and well tomorrow.

Take care

Mrs A,

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