Oh so tired!

Hello Everyone

I expect you are all really ready for a well deserved break. Our little Wrens have done so well this term and settled brilliantly into the new routines. Their learning skills are also coming along nicely and the children all know that it is their job to use the “responsibility” value during taught sessions. I  have been so impressed with how well they have adapted to the challenges involved in being “learners” and I am sure that those of you who came to the Letters and Sounds session will agree that they focused and participated with the learning beautifully.

The Wrens really enjoyed performing in the Nursery Rhyme Talent show and we were so very proud of them all. They were all so brave and I couldn’t have asked for more from them. Thank you all so much for embracing the nursery rhyme challenge – I counted up all the rhymes you had sung at home and it was a staggering 480! Give yourselves a huge pat on the back, a hug an a kiss on the nose – brilliant!

For the holidays, please keep going with daily counting. Make it a fun and active by asking your Wren to collect a certain number of items (cutlery is always good), count going up the stair and count back coming down, look at car number plates and read the numbers, count the steps you walk and then count back again. Also try and keep the curly c learning going, shaving foam in the bath is a really fun way to get them writing. You could also try putting flour/rice on a tray to write in.

I did put a holiday homework sheet in the reading folders. Please don’t feel you have to do special things to fill the circles. It is just lovely for us to have a stimulus to discuss after the break as children often find it hard to remember what they have done,  having pictures really does help to get the conversations going!

Most of all relax and enjoy some precious family time! Take care and see you all soon… if you would like to send me tweets over the hols, please feel free! I always love to see what our Wrens are up to when I am not around!

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