What a way to end the week!

Oh my goodness, I was so incredibly proud of our Wrens today – they were A-MAZ-ING! They all listened brilliantly even though they were so excited, they were great buddies to each other and they really enjoyed the film, sitting beautifully for the whole film. It was a real pleasure to take them and I wish we could do it more often. I think they all loved the coach the best though and funnily enough, were very excited to see Radco from the coach window.

This week has flown by, it feels like we have a microwave classroom where we get a whole week in two days (that’s how it feels for me anyway). We have been adding this week in maths by using cubes to represent numbers. We have been talking about adding two parts of a number together to get a whole number and the model is called “part/part/whole”  It uses circles to represent the calculation and helps the children  understand how number are made up.  It is a slightly different model to the example of adding I showed at the information session but is still uses the concrete, pictorial, abstract ethos. It will give the children a real secure understanding of how to manipulate number and ensure they have a deep understanding of place value and the “oneness” of number. It is slightly different due to a new planning tool we are using called “White Rose”. We have found it very interesting this week and we will keep you informed of how the Wrens are doing with addition. I did send home some resources at the information sessions and I will be sending our the same resources to everyone on Monday (so you will get an extra set if you came along to a session – how lucky is that!).

In Letters and Sounds learning, I will be finishing teaching phase two sounds next week. Please, please keep going with target sounds learning at home. After next week, we will spent time applying our phonics learning by focusing on reading and writing skills before moving on to Phase Three sounds. I to aim to get most children on short ladder sounds before Christmas so that they have a large bank of sounds to work with to help with blending and segmenting skills.

In topic work we have been mixing potions in a science based activity and although this has taken quite a long time, the children have loved it and the language they have been using has been very adventurous. We have been using words like: dissolving, granules, powders, transparent, liquids and effervescent! Wrens can use such exciting words. If you hear any of these at home, please let me know!

Ok enough reading, here are your photos!

No, here’s some more: next week we are talking about different emotions and painting poppy pictures with fingers so we can reflect on what we learnt about Remembrance and also continuing with Diwali – so much learning to be done!

Now photos!


Great to be back!

Hello everyone,

My goodness we have a fabulous first week back and crammed in lots of brilliant learning. In maths, as well as focusing on our individual number targets, we practiced using the language of comparison to talk about the different sizes of lots of objects. At this age, the temptation for children is just to use “big” and “small”  but there is a whole host of other language to use that is much more complex. It is this we have been practicing! I sent home a little sheet for you to fill in so that you could let me know if you Wren starts to explore these words and I do hope you begin to hear them say “longer, longest, tallest, shortest” etc.

In Letters and Sounds, we have had lots of children this week who have achieved their curly c target and are now working on long ladder sounds. It is really important to keep going at home with practicing target sounds so that we can begin to work on reading and writing skills alongside the phase two sounds.

Next week we have a number focus in maths. The children will be reading and ordering numbers as well relating numerals to sets of objects. We have a very exciting maths week set up and lots of the play opportunities we provide next week will be focused around maths based games.  On Wednesday evening at 5.30 I will be doing a maths based information session for parents. It will outline where the children will need to be with maths learning by the end of the year. I will be talking you through the way we teach maths and give you ideas of games you can play at home to help you Wren improve their skills.

We had a great PE lesson last Monday and I have to say that the children did very well with getting changed. We are going to be working core stability and balance and will introducing the class to using apparatus tomorrow. They will love it!  At home. please continue to encourage your child to get themselves dressed as this really does help their independent skills.

One final thing  before your photos… We have had lots of clothing in class this week that does not have names on, so we have started writing names in with Biro (either on a tag or hem). If you would rather we didn’t do this to your child’s clothes, please put a note in the home school diary.

I do hope you enjoyed your firework celebrations and I look forward to seeing you all safe and well tomorrow.

Take care

Mrs A,

Oh so tired!

Hello Everyone

I expect you are all really ready for a well deserved break. Our little Wrens have done so well this term and settled brilliantly into the new routines. Their learning skills are also coming along nicely and the children all know that it is their job to use the “responsibility” value during taught sessions. I  have been so impressed with how well they have adapted to the challenges involved in being “learners” and I am sure that those of you who came to the Letters and Sounds session will agree that they focused and participated with the learning beautifully.

The Wrens really enjoyed performing in the Nursery Rhyme Talent show and we were so very proud of them all. They were all so brave and I couldn’t have asked for more from them. Thank you all so much for embracing the nursery rhyme challenge – I counted up all the rhymes you had sung at home and it was a staggering 480! Give yourselves a huge pat on the back, a hug an a kiss on the nose – brilliant!

For the holidays, please keep going with daily counting. Make it a fun and active by asking your Wren to collect a certain number of items (cutlery is always good), count going up the stair and count back coming down, look at car number plates and read the numbers, count the steps you walk and then count back again. Also try and keep the curly c learning going, shaving foam in the bath is a really fun way to get them writing. You could also try putting flour/rice on a tray to write in.

I did put a holiday homework sheet in the reading folders. Please don’t feel you have to do special things to fill the circles. It is just lovely for us to have a stimulus to discuss after the break as children often find it hard to remember what they have done,  having pictures really does help to get the conversations going!

Most of all relax and enjoy some precious family time! Take care and see you all soon… if you would like to send me tweets over the hols, please feel free! I always love to see what our Wrens are up to when I am not around!

Only nine more get-ups…

We had some very tired chickens today after a week of full time school. But, we only have nine more get-ups and then half-term will be upon us and they can all have a well earned rest.

The children did brilliantly sitting through an hour of the harvest festival assembly. They have done really well with their story-telling  and today we wrote a story map (which is at the end of the blog), so ask your Wren to re-tell you the story with actions.

This week we have continued to practice reading and writing curly c sounds and next week we will move onto long ladder sounds. Try to put the sounds up at home and start to get your Wren to read them to you several times a day as this really does cement the learning in place.

Next Thursday morning, you are welcome to come and see a Letters and Sounds lesson in action (9am), and you will be amazed at just how well the children are sitting, looking, listening and learning. Mr Snell joined us this week and he was so over the moon with brilliantly the children engaged in their taught session. If you would like to come, please mention it to us at drop off or pop a note in the home/school diary.

I have had lots of great comments about the reading books that went home on Monday, lots of children are really enjoying them.  I will be started guided reading with groups on Mondays now and this is when I will re-read the book with your child, ask them questions about what they have read and see how they are doing with pointing to words (tracking).  I  will give out new reading books every Monday and change sharing books every Monday and Friday, (this is the book you read to your child) so please don’t expect them to be able to read it own their on just yet.

In maths we have been practicing accurate counting skills and the children have been doing really well at watching me count badly and then telling me what I need to do to improve. Next week we will continue with counting targets and in taught sessions we will be thinking about weights and measures.

We are going to be making bread so the children will have an opportunity to use scales and weighing skills as well as reading pictorial instructions on how to make bread. I cannot promise that bread rolls will be coming home (but please cross your fingers for us). Sorry Mrs Rogers and Mrs Taylor but…it will be messy!

Have a lovely weekend, if you are out and about shopping, send me a tweet to tell me how many different vegetables your Wren recognised and what can they tell you about where our food comes from.

Ask your Wren to look at the photo and tell you the story.

Get ready for Full-Time Wrens!

Yes, the induction is over and next week we are pleased to welcome our Wrens into school for the whole day if you feel they are ready. In the afternoons next week, we will be making our Christmas cards (sorry to mention that word already) but we need to be organised to get our cards printed for the festive season. You will have the chance to see your Wren’s design and buy it for family and friends if you wish. More information will be coming on this soon.

We will also be talking about the changes in the season and doing some leaf printing for our wall display as well as learning about harvest and where our food comes from. At the weekend if you find any beautiful leaves we could use for printing, please send them in.

In maths next week we are having a focus on accurate counting. The Wrens have amazing skills at reciting number names in order and we will be applying these skills now to counting a set amount of objects. At home you could ask your Wren to count out forks or spoons for you, and remember to always count back as well as forward.

In our Letters and Sounds, we will be focusing on reading all of the curly c sounds daily and working on writing the curly c sound correctly as this is the foundation of all the other sounds in the set.  If you would like to practice at home, have a look at the You Tube video below to help your Wren get the correct formation:

As the children are in all day next week ( if you feel they are ready), they will need an afternoon snack. This needs to be either a piece of fruit or vegetable that has your child’s name on it. If you are sending in a something like an apple, banana or orange, just write the name at the top. Fruit such as raisons, raspberries, blueberries etc, will need to go in a little pot. Something the size of a yoghurt pot would be ideal. The most important thing though is to please, please name the fruit. It does cause lots of upset if your child does not get the exact banana/apple they bought in and we do find it hard to name them in all the chaos of the morning routine.

Please also try and remember to send in water bottles and reading folders everyday along with a coat. The weather changes so quickly and it is rare for us to not be outside at some point during the day.

We have had a super week and I really am very proud of how the children are beginning to understand their learning line places. Look at the photo below – don’t they look like a class of learners already?  Talk to them about the skills they use for learning and see what they can tell you.

Have a fabulous weekend, thank you all so very much for supporting the induction. It really is the best way to get your Wren into school. As always, please come and chat to me if you have any worries or concerns.

Great teamwork here moving the lego tray.


Show your Wren this picture – what is our repeating pattern?



What a lovely week…

It has been so nice having all of our little poppets in for lunch. They have all done so well with the new routines and managed to deal with the noise level and hustle and bustle brilliantly. They have particularly enjoyed playing on the top playground with the rest of Key Stage One and thoroughly enjoyed using the Huff and Puff equipment.

In Letters and Sounds this week we have learnt the o, c, a, e sounds (reading only) and next week we will be writing these in all sorts of things (the messier the better, great learning is always messy!) Next week we will finish off the Curly C set of sounds.

In maths we will be working on our counting skills and also using shape to create repeating patterns. The children have loved looking at lots of different patterns this week. Over the weekend, see if you can spot a repeating pattern at home or outside in nature. I would love some pictures of Wrens with patterns they have found for our wall display.

We have also been learning the story of The Little Red Hen and using our story hands to add actions to the words. This story will be the start of our learning all about Harvest and we will be thinking about how things in nature as the season changes.  If you are out and about and find some leaves that are changing colour, please send them into school so that we can share what you have discovered.

Have a great weekend Wren Class Families. See you all on Monday!

DON’T FORGET WE WILL BE STARTING OUR 500 NURSERY RHYME CHALLENGE ON MONDAY!!! Make sure you sing a nursery rhyme or two before school on Monday morning to get your Wren’s name on the Nursery Rhyme Time Line! If you were not able to make the Letters and Sounds session, you will have missed this little gem of an idea of mine. We are encouraging the children to recite nursery rhymes at home. Every time they sing one to you, we will give them a sticker to put on our time-line and we are aiming to have sung 500 by the end of term when we will have a nursery rhyme party. This week in school we have been singing: Grand old Duke of York, Ring a Roses, Hickory Dickory Dock, Insey Winsey Spider and Little Bo Peep. Next week the focus rhymes are: A sailor went to sea, sea, sea, Hey diddle diddle, Doctor Foster, I’m a little tea pot and Jack and Jill.  Have fun!!

Here are some pictures of your Wrens doing what Wrens do best – playing!

Apologies if you cannot see your Wren, not all children have permissions so a bit tricky to post too many pictures this week. Please bear with us though!

Look out World…here come the Wrens of 2017!

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the Wren Class Blog. This is where I will post what we have done and what we will be doing in the coming week. Although we do have plans set out for the term, because we respond to the interests of the children, things do tend to change quite a bit from week to week.

This week however, our focus has been to settle the children, to make sure they are having fun and feel safe and happy. Judging by the lovely smiles we have seen and the confident way in which the children have come in everyday, I think the first week has gone brilliantly.

It is fair to say the children have found some of the independent skills challenging but this is only to be expected. You could support your child at home by encouraging them to do things like: Pack their own school bag, put their shoes on by themselves and show them how to take their coat on and off and how to put the sleeves  the correct way if they are inside out.

This week in our learning times, I have been completing baseline assessments and this will continue for another week. I will begin more formal sessions in week four but initially we will working on Listening and Attention skills. We have lots of small group games planned for next week where Chinese Whispers will focus daily. You could clue your Wren into the game by playing as a family. Today I found that the children found it hard to tune in to listening (which is not unusual at this age). It is really surprising though how quickly they pick up the skills with daily practice.

We will also be having a Physical Development focus and begin to exercise the muscles that support the skills needed to write. The children will be bringing home a swirler to practice with and it would be great if you could Tweet me a picture of them practicing at home. The swirlers will be coming home on Monday. I would really appreciate it if they could come back in daily for our practices.

Next week we also start “Nursery Rhyme Time”. The rhymes for the week are: Hickory Dickory Dock, The Grand Old Duke of York, Incey Winsey Spider, Ring a Roses, Little Bo Peep, If you  are happy and you know and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We will be making a Nursery Rhyme Time Line and I will be giving you  stickers to give the children to stick on the line every time they sing a nursery rhyme. Hopefully this will encourage them to practice singing the rhymes at home. Lots of research has been done into the benefits of reciting nursery rhymes which I will share with you on our Letters and Sounds sessions which is next Tuesday at 5.30 pm (18th Sept) or on Thursday morning (21st Sept) at 9am.  Please do try and pop in, it will only take half and hour or so but will be full of really useful information. It will also be a really nice chance to get to meet other parents.

I usually post photos of the children at the end of the blog but because we are still waiting for all internet permissions to be returned, I will have to hang fire on the photos.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great weekend Wren Class Families!