Look out World…here come the Wrens of 2017!

Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the Wren Class Blog. This is where I will post what we have done and what we will be doing in the coming week. Although we do have plans set out for the term, because we respond to the interests of the children, things do tend to change quite a bit from week to week.

This week however, our focus has been to settle the children, to make sure they are having fun and feel safe and happy. Judging by the lovely smiles we have seen and the confident way in which the children have come in everyday, I think the first week has gone brilliantly.

It is fair to say the children have found some of the independent skills challenging but this is only to be expected. You could support your child at home by encouraging them to do things like: Pack their own school bag, put their shoes on by themselves and show them how to take their coat on and off and how to put the sleeves  the correct way if they are inside out.

This week in our learning times, I have been completing baseline assessments and this will continue for another week. I will begin more formal sessions in week four but initially we will working on Listening and Attention skills. We have lots of small group games planned for next week where Chinese Whispers will focus daily. You could clue your Wren into the game by playing as a family. Today I found that the children found it hard to tune in to listening (which is not unusual at this age). It is really surprising though how quickly they pick up the skills with daily practice.

We will also be having a Physical Development focus and begin to exercise the muscles that support the skills needed to write. The children will be bringing home a swirler to practice with and it would be great if you could Tweet me a picture of them practicing at home. The swirlers will be coming home on Monday. I would really appreciate it if they could come back in daily for our practices.

Next week we also start “Nursery Rhyme Time”. The rhymes for the week are: Hickory Dickory Dock, The Grand Old Duke of York, Incey Winsey Spider, Ring a Roses, Little Bo Peep, If you  are happy and you know and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We will be making a Nursery Rhyme Time Line and I will be giving you  stickers to give the children to stick on the line every time they sing a nursery rhyme. Hopefully this will encourage them to practice singing the rhymes at home. Lots of research has been done into the benefits of reciting nursery rhymes which I will share with you on our Letters and Sounds sessions which is next Tuesday at 5.30 pm (18th Sept) or on Thursday morning (21st Sept) at 9am.  Please do try and pop in, it will only take half and hour or so but will be full of really useful information. It will also be a really nice chance to get to meet other parents.

I usually post photos of the children at the end of the blog but because we are still waiting for all internet permissions to be returned, I will have to hang fire on the photos.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this, have a great weekend Wren Class Families!